Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Husband Parades His Wife Around Nak*d After He Caught Her Cheating

This shocking clip uploaded online shows the moment a man humiliated his wife by making her walk nak*d around after he caught her 'sexting' other men. In the clip, the husband trails the visibly shaken woman - who later got to cover her modesty in nothing but a white towel.

As he follows her, he shouts 'she's a tart', 'b****' and 'w****' and berates her shameless acts.
As the woman walks down the street, in New York with the towel wrapped round her, he shouts in Spanish: 'Take off your towel! Co-operate b****. Show what you are, so pretty and so great. She's a tart. Let's go. Let's go. Say hi to the camera and say why you're doing this. Take off your towel and pay the price for the shame I feel after telling you how pretty you were and that I wanted to start a family with you, but in the meantime you were "doing" seven other men.'

The woman retorted: 'But not to have s*x with them.' This only served to anger him further and he scoffed: 'Oh wow, not to have s*x! But conversations about kissing, with "love", "babe" and pictures.'

As she continued to walk away from him, he said: 'Take off your towel. You're going to pay the price like a w****'. 'Since you're a w****, pose like a w****. Damn w****' Now the guys you're talking to will see if you're worth it, talking to seven men while I was with you.'

He eventually took off her towel...It was indeed a crazy sight between the husband and his wife!

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