Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Woman gives Birth to Quadruplets after 12yrs of Childlessness

When it's time for God to bless you, your blessings will be too obvious no one can hide it. A woman who was said to be be barren for twelve years has finally been blessed with quadruplets.

It's true that there is nothing God cannot do as the almighty can turn any situation around in His own time.

That was the same song of joy that erupted in the house of this woman who, after 12 years of childlessness, was blessed with four healthy children, all at once.

According to a family member who posted the good news on social media, the woman had gone through a lot in the hands of her husband's family who tried everything to send her out of the house as well as getting the man to get another wife but the husband stood by his wife. Eventually, their patience paid off as they have been blessed with quadruplets, beyond their expectations.

Those family members who mocked the woman have been coming to congratulate the couple.

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