Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Wife Tells Husband in Court: Return Me to My Fine Body if You Must Divorce Me

Some women are just damn funny...if the man tell you to vomit all his money and the other 'thing' you have been enjoying all the days you were in his house can you make them available? Laughs!

A family drama played out inside a Lagos court as a woman has told the judge that she would never grant her husband a divorce unless he makes her to be like what she was before he "used" her finish.
The 35-year-old woman, Basirat Alatise, whose husband, Morufu Alatise, 48, sought a dissolution of their marriage at the Agboyi/Ketu Customary Court in Lagos State, caused a mild drama when she bluntly refused to agree to the divorce.

She said that the only condition she would accept the break up is if her estranged husband could restore her to the state he met her so she could get another man as a single lady and not a baby mama.

Mr Alatise had petitioned the court to dissolve the three-year-old marriage on the grounds that there is no more love as well as destruction of his property, constant embarrassment in public and show of wickedness but his wife insisted he must get her back to the state he met her or she must be his wife.

He told the court that he met Basirat at a carnival and liked her and then decided to marry her; he said he met her mum who gave her approval and they got married.

According to him, he told Basirat that he had another woman who had a child for him and she accepted arrangement but that when she packed into his house, she proved to be stubborn, fighting the mother of his child whenever she came to visit, often fighting the woman, embarrassing him in the process. 

But when the court asked the wife if she also wanted the divorce, Basirat said: "..I discovered that he now has another girlfriend he was secretly seeing and the lady comes to his office which is in our house to come visit him. It was very embarrassing for me and I confronted him and he told the lady to beat me up.

"We fought and the lady tore my clothes and I went to report at the police station and he was arrested and put in cell because he refused to produce the lady who fought me but I eventually bailed him.

"I still forgave him but he still brings the new girlfriend to his office which my father gave him. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I usually harass him so that he would know that I am not happy with his attitude and he still continued and had the audacity to say he wants divorce.

"I will never accept any divorce except he has the power to take me back to the position he met me before I got pregnant... otherwise, this our marriage is until death do us part.”

Marriage by force? Abeg I no fit laugh oh!

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