Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Supposed Nigerian IG Big Boy Exposed As A Thief

Lol, I am not even laughing at Segundavinci, but at the people who have made instagram make their lives worse. So many people have left their normal daily jobs and have started looking for odd ways to make it in life. When they eventually find out they are not even getting the tricks, they go into stealing, kidnapping, all to just live big. Now this guy above (let’s talk about him the way people knew him before) flaunts several cars on IG, has a photo of the latest G-Wagon on his IG display picture, shows off his many trips to South Africa, apparently dem never give am visa to UK or US and flaunts lots of expensive champagnes and what have you.
Girls flaunt on his page, saying, I love you, bla bla, his friends call him baba, baba where you dey now, and so on…. Just yesterday, Segundavinci (his IG name) met his waterloo. Segun with real names as Ajayi Oluwasegun Alex, had no penny and wanted to buy a N60m house. Himself, the seller and agents had concluded the deal and Segun sent them a fake N60m alert. He does this when buying cars and some other things and gets away with it. He said he can give any fake alert for any bank. But luck ran out on him, when the agents and seller discovered the bank alert was fake. I wonder what he was thinking, how can you buy a house with fake alert? Will you run away with the house? Anyway long story cut short, they tracked him down, stripped him off his cloth and told him to make a confession on video. They asked him when he started and all that. Then they did the best thing, they forced him to log into his IG page, forced him to upload the 5 videos of him that they recorded and changed his profile photo to the one you see above (2nd photo) but customised as, ‘I am a thief’. Continue...

A quick google on him shows he was once a student of LAUTECH before leaving the school for Lead City University, a private institution. Anyway, while in LAUTECH he was rated among the top guys on campus. Here’s what one website wrote about him, when they wrote the list of TOP 10 LAUTECH BIG BOYS WHO CALL THE SHOTS.

Segun Davinci - Ajayi oluwasegun alex is one personality you can't help but notice despite his easy going, simple and humble life style, the graduating student of agronomy known for his affable and friendly manner with people, he is the Chief of Davinci in Nigeria, a social clique that originated from South Africa. He took what most people refer to as just friendship a notch further giving it a touch of class, his great leadership skills has earned him great respect from his peers and got the clique to an enviable height been recognised in the social circle and got nominated for several awards and winning some just in less than 2 years of existence. Segun drives a Camry (muscle) on campus, he made a remarkable statement last year hosting friends of the clique to a lavish party where you can order anything you can call exotic,his parents are remarkable for there involvement in the gospel.his mumy a pastor while his daddy a deacon. segun davinci is 21years of age as of when he left lautech to lead city,he hails from ondo state. he stays at felele area,challenge ibadan with his parents if not found at expensive hotels.

A photo uploaded by him on facebook at a party.

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